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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Forest

Once she became aware, she began to see the forest through the trees ~CordieB.

She walked this earth with little ease

Since others hearts she strived to please

But once she learned to please her herself;

And still respect the needs of else

Her walk became clear and free with ease

At last, she saw the forest through the trees


Monday, April 27, 2009

The Road Leading To Corinth

Her eyes reflected somber desires
of souls who craved the flame and fires
in life’s existence day and night
grasping what they thought she possessed; the light . . .
she knew the light was truly not her’s to give . . .
but preserved within each soul who lived and gived
though some were blinded by the insistent need to be
warmed by the light for which they boldly seeked
she knew the answers to their plight;
resigned in one’s self through love’s insight
but the answer seemed too simplistic
to be embraced as true or realistic
She knew she had a simple, precious gift . . .
Thus often, foolishly, she tried to lift . . .
the spirits of seemingly lightless souls
in vain she tried to make them whole . . .
not realizing with each vain attempt
the light reflected pure contempt;
the egos of fogged lights’ reflections
so often produced pain and rejection
thus the light that once shined clarity
in time became the object of jealousy and envy
the plight for light often dulled her beam
she’d loose insight of her own dream
since what she tried to give away
could not be gifted anyway . . .
for each soul must find their own way . . .
in time she began to realize . . .
her light so often hypnotized . . .
but all illusions are revealed
once realized; they have no zeal . . .
for truth is reflected from light within;
only when truths emerge can love begin . . .
So with raw emotions and quiet strength . . .
she abandoned the road leading to Corinth
~Written by CordieB

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If I Could Trade Eternity, You'd Sell, Not Rent that Soul to Me. . . A Spiritual Riddle ~By CordieB

Rick Mobs at Mine Enemy Grows Older, who I discovered through Paisley (thanks Jodie), has invited his readers/viewers to give words to his beautiful art. The above titled art needs no words; as it is a supernatural story in and of itself; but, since Rick has so graciously allowed us to put words to his stunning creation - here is my rendition. . . in another spiritual riddle . . .

I've tricked you since the days of old

Enticed by me, you'd lease your soul

If I could trade eternity . . .

You'd sell, not rent that soul to me.

I'm the most illusioned of all evil spirits

My existence holds but one egotistical merit

I bring forth false vision to the being

who can not bring himself to seeing

the wondrous beauty of the soul within

that shines like gold when love seeps in

that lasts through style and passing trends . . .

I'm the most deathly of all deadly sins!

If I could erase your lines of wear and tear

you'd trade your soul without a care

If I could make all bow to you

there'd be no limits to what you'd do

because you don't see the beauty in creation

of what God blessed you with in relation

to all God's creation, magenta, black, or white

I've tricked your vision; jaded your sight

by grace but for only a twinkle in time on earth

for God forbids his art to loose full worth . . .

in the vastness of creation's grand eternity

Who am I?

I am the deadly spirit of Vanity

~By CordieB

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Darkest Shadow ~CordieB

Photo courtesy of Jill Greeseth , and is licenced under the Creative Commons

I am the tallest, darkest shadow to fall upon the hearts of men;
I have caused enormous calamity, failure and sin;
With me in a heart, humans seldom ever win.

Such a cold, dark, shallow shadow am I;
I bring on fears and tears, causing humans to sigh, asking why?

I’ve destroyed countless relationships, successes and faith;
I’m quite subtle, yet very strong is my wrath;
All minds and hearts will inevitably at times see me in their path.

All humans encounter me, some more than another;
You see, insecurity is my sister and worry is my brother;
My father is fear; suspicion, my mother.
I embrace souls at night like a new found lover.
If you are not carefull, I will suffocate you under my dark, thick cover.

Like a blanket of dread, I cover my prey;
To release yourself of my wrath, you must kneel down and pray;
Stay thankful and hopeful, live day by day.

I’ve had many second-guessing what’s wrong from right.
I cause anxiousness, apprehensiveness,
and can make hearts uptight;
But my shadow is very easily overcome by the family of light . . .

For the bright light of hope, faith, and love shine so bright
And they bring courage, security and trust to join in the fight;
Such illuminosity, clarity, and brilliance is their light,
It will cause my dark, deep shadow to fade and disappear straight into the night!

Who am I?

The Shadow of Doubt . . .

~By CordieB

Monday, February 2, 2009

If I had it to do all again. . .

Art entitled "Regrets" courtesy of marmota, and is shared under a creative commons licence.

The following poem was inspired by Sunday Scribblings , writing prompt # 148, on regret. "Got any? Things you wish you'd done differently? Things you wish you'd said or not said? Things you want to be sure to do and say now so that you don't end up with regrets?"

Eternal Regret -I Forgive Myself; but Can't Forget~By CordieB

I've lived a lifetime of one regret

that's dimmed with passing time; still yet

love and conscious won't allow me to forget

And so I often trick my mind

to place sordid memories far behind

still... regret creeps in from time to time ...

And then sometimes I even pretend

that day had actually not transcended

Imagine . . . starting anew again !!!

but reality knocks with raging force

thus I am left with grave remorse

perhaps that day changed my life's course??

forever regretful, my heart still aches

but my God can NOT make mistakes

I convince myself for sanity's sake

And so what IS, IS. What's meant shall be

and that's my whole tricked reality . . .

My life's anchor through soul's eternity . . .

Regret's but a piece of life that's made me, me . . .

~Written in memory of my dear mother, Marion Wallace, who died of a massive heart attack when I was 15, shortly after we'd had a terrible argument and I had left the house. I miss you, ma.


"Quote: Imagine, in the midst of a heated argument, that the person you are arguing with suddenly clutches his/her heart, utters a cry, and falls dead at your feet. Where is your anger now?" ~Unknown